We are eager to share with you our strategic direction for the OU Libraries. Bold thinking and imaginative execution, new resources and collaborative engagement with our community are required to secure a bright future. This site frames our new strategic direction at a high level, and sharing our efforts with you is part of the process. The libraries’ strategic vision consists of 5 central pillars of library excellence that combine to create a master plan outlining a new horizon for OU Libraries.



Let OU Libraries be your guide to a successful academic career

A vendor issue resolved the next day, doesn't have to be a roadblock to your success tonight.

Strengthening Community Engagement with Norman's Advanced Robotics team

Innovation @ the Edge provides 3D printing assistance to Norman Advanced Robotic's underwater vehicle

Supporting Campus Research: Making Searchable the Congressional Record

This collaboration led to the creation of a search engine for the U.S. congressional records available through the Government Printing Office